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Altered functional connectivity of the medial temporal lobe subsystem is associated with prospection in patients with schizophrenia and individuals with social anhedonia  Update time:2019/03/08

Individuals with schizotypy opt for immediate but smaller rewards in the future  Update time:2019/01/14

Recent study shows that future rewards is attenuated in patients with schizophrenia but not in individuals with schizotypal traits  Update time:2019/01/04

Patients with schizophrenia and individuals with schizotypy exhibit reduced ability to anticipate pleasurable events in future  Update time:2018/11/07

Prospective memory in patients with schizophrenia can be remediated by training involving implementation intention  Update time:2018/11/06

Schizophrenia Bulletin publishes a special issue "Crossing Borders in Schizotypy Research"  Update time:2018/10/30

Dr. Raymond Chan's team from CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health has provided an alternative proxy score to classify persistent negative symptoms in schizophrenia  Update time:2018/07/20

The Low Pleasure Beliefs Play a Critical Role in Determining Whether Individuals with Mental Disorders Engage in Reward-seeking Activities  Update time:2018/06/04

Emotional Cues can Improve Prospective Memory Performance in Patients with Schizophrenia and Major Depressive Disorder  Update time:2018/05/29

Bilateral Occipital-parietal Conjunction is Responsible for Matching Information Input from Multiple Modalities during Audiovisual Sensory Integration  Update time:2018/04/24

A Recent Study Shows that Social Mistrust is Heritable in Chinese Children and Adolescents  Update time:2018/04/24

Altered Functional Connectivity is Observed in Individuals with Negative Schizotypy During Facial Emotion Processing  Update time:2018/04/18

Olfactory Identification Impairment as A Trait Marker for Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders  Update time:2018/04/17

Expressive Deficits and Amotivation are Present in Schizophrenia Patients and Their Unaffected First-degree Relatives and Individuals with Schizotypal Traits  Update time:2018/03/28