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Dr. Raymond Chan and his team made presentations at the 2019 International Consortium for Schizotypy Research in New Orleans   Update time:2019/06/18

Ms. Zhuo-ya Yang received "Young Investigator Award" from the Schizophrenia International Research Society conference   Update time:2019/04/24

Dr. Raymond Chan from the NACN Laboratory and the CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health made an oral presentation and sat in the Clinical Science Training meeting at the ICPS Paris 2019  Update time:2019/03/19

Altered functional connectivity of the medial temporal lobe subsystem is associated with prospection in patients with schizophrenia and individuals with social anhedonia  Update time:2019/03/08

Individuals with schizotypy opt for immediate but smaller rewards in the future  Update time:2019/01/14

Recent study shows that future rewards is attenuated in patients with schizophrenia but not in individuals with schizotypal traits  Update time:2019/01/04

Patients with schizophrenia and individuals with schizotypy exhibit reduced ability to anticipate pleasurable events in future  Update time:2018/11/07

Prospective memory in patients with schizophrenia can be remediated by training involving implementation intention  Update time:2018/11/06

Schizophrenia Bulletin publishes a special issue "Crossing Borders in Schizotypy Research"  Update time:2018/10/30

Dr. Raymond Chan's team from CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health has provided an alternative proxy score to classify persistent negative symptoms in schizophrenia  Update time:2018/07/20

The Low Pleasure Beliefs Play a Critical Role in Determining Whether Individuals with Mental Disorders Engage in Reward-seeking Activities  Update time:2018/06/04

Emotional Cues can Improve Prospective Memory Performance in Patients with Schizophrenia and Major Depressive Disorder  Update time:2018/05/29

Bilateral Occipital-parietal Conjunction is Responsible for Matching Information Input from Multiple Modalities during Audiovisual Sensory Integration  Update time:2018/04/24

A Recent Study Shows that Social Mistrust is Heritable in Chinese Children and Adolescents  Update time:2018/04/24

Altered Functional Connectivity is Observed in Individuals with Negative Schizotypy During Facial Emotion Processing  Update time:2018/04/18

Olfactory Identification Impairment as A Trait Marker for Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders  Update time:2018/04/17

Expressive Deficits and Amotivation are Present in Schizophrenia Patients and Their Unaffected First-degree Relatives and Individuals with Schizotypal Traits  Update time:2018/03/28